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Student car insurance | Your answer to low cost student car insurance. Find carriers here online and get a better rate today. When you need student car insurance there are multiple auto carriers in each state ready to offer student car insurance quotes and cover. Which is the best company and policy and how can you lower the cost of student car insurance quotes and premiums? The topic of auto coverage for a student can seem complicated given the different student insurance scenarios that exist. Here we examine student car insurance options and get student insurance into context for the best college student deals.

College Student Car Insurance
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college student insurance

College student car insurance is available from standard auto insurers, but what exactly is it, and what factors are important towards affordable student car insurance?

To start with let's be clear:

college student insurance  !  There is no specific student car insurance policy or product; student car insurance is about how to insure drivers of a certain age that attend college locally or out of state.

Which college student insurance scenario applies?


Non-Owner College Student Insurance (Student car insurance on a Parent's Policy)

1. The student takes away a family car to college. The auto is titled to and owned by the parent.

2. The student does NOT take a car away to college, driving only when home/during holidays.

#. The student attends a local college, lives at home and has use of a family auto.

Owner College Student Insurance (Personal student car insurance Policy)

3. The student takes their own car away to college.

4. The student leaves the car they own at home during college time.

College student insurance for automobiles is not specialized, thus students hoping to find special student car insurance plans, products or a deal for being a student may be disappointed.

 !  Student car insurance is about:

  • The steps that a parent should take to best manage the family premium when a student is on their policy.
  • The steps that a student auto owner holding their own private policy may take to reduce their premium cost.


Parent's Policy

student insurance

1. The student takes away a family car to college:

If the student attends college away, such that they have a temporary address then the insurance company should be advised of that address.

The parent's premium and quotes may be affected by this. If you fail to inform the insurer this may jeopardize your coverage and potential claim. Some carrier policies can cover a student wherever they may attend college, while other policies may not provide student car insurance coverage where an out of state college is involved.

With student car insurance, if the student attends college out of state then you must ensure that your liability insurance limits exceed both state minimums. In reality you'll want to hold strong liability insurance, far above any state minimums where a young driver is involved in order to have robust college student insurance.

2. The student does NOT take a car away to college:

With college student insurance many carriers insist that a student that does not own their own car remain on the parents policy continuously if the college is less than 100 miles away.

Regardless, a change in policy designation from 'primary driver' to 'occasional driver' could see a drop in premium and cheaper quotes.

This student car insurance scenario is associated with the:

Distant Student Car Insurance Discount

  • Must attend college 100 miles or more away, whether in-state or out of state.
  • Must not have access to an auto that is listed on the parent's policy.
  • Must be licensed and under 23 years old (or another age stipulated, or no such restriction given full time student status).


Personal Policy

Student Car Insurance Discounts

3. The student takes their own car away to college.

If college is out of state, check which state to have the student car insurance written in and auto registered.

Student car insurance for owners under 25 years old is essentially the same as young driver insurance and the challenges and techniques for saving money.

These include driving an older car with safety features, a low value car that does not merit expensive collision and comprehensive cover and aggressively shopping quotes from multiple carriers.

4. The student leaves the car they own at home during college time.

If you drive a car you own infrequently, seasonally or for set short periods such as college holidays then a short term temporary insurance policy to cover that time may be cheaper than holding continuous coverage over the year if the vehicle does not require comprehensive physical damage protection.

Student Car Insurance Discounts

  • Distant Student Car Insurance Discount (Parent Policies - see above)
  • Full Time Student Discount (Parent and Personal Policies - just for being a student)
  • Good Student Car Insurance Discount (Parent and Personal Policies - academic achievement based)


Good Student Car Insurance Discount

Insurers know that good grades correlate with fewer accidents, according to their statistics. Different approaches exist but generally reflect these qualification criteria:

  • Under 25 years old, full time, single student and:
  • Maintaining a 3.0 GPA or B Grade average or higher or
  • Performance ranked in the upper 20% of the class, or:
  • On a dean's list, honor role or similar achievement.


The percentage student car insurance discounts offered by insurers vary. Whether you are a parent seeking a free student car insurance quote or a student yourself, price testing the market is essential, not just for saving money, but also to ensure that you are not overpaying for your students car insurance or private policy.

Who has the best deal? Find state carriers online. Student car insurance online and offline via an agent is available from many carriers in your state. Discounts for students are widely advertised; but here is the real deal. While discounts are useful, they need to be put into context. If auto policies were similarly priced for a given coverage product and vehicle situation, then discounts could be considered at face value. They are not.

Student Car Insurance Deal

The fact is that student car insurance discounts, along with all auto policy discounts are really just sales and marketing ploys designed to imply good value. For cheap student car insurance coverage, whether on a parent's policy or stand-alone, the real issue is carrier choice. Any material change in circumstance and every policy renewal time regardless should be met with a concerted effort to shop quotes. The presence of a driver under 25 on an auto policy, parent's or otherwise is an expensive proposition. The more expensive the scenario, the higher the propensity to overpay. For parents, the prospect of student car insurance should be a catalyst for testing the entire family policy. Consider this. Full coverage premiums can easily vary by $1,000 for a policyholder without children. Repeat Without. The rate or rating that applies to any policy is fundamental to quote and premium cost. Rates vary enormously. It is thus the choice of insurer that is critical. Consumer apathy and misunderstanding about insurance pricing leaves many badly overpaying. With a twenty percent discount applied to your premium, you could still overpay by hundreds, unless you deal with a good choice of insurer on the basis of the rating system. This applies to both parent and stand-alone student car insurance rates. For the best student car insurance rate start here with a local carrier listing and get free quotes direct.


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