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Short term car insurance for a driver | Lowest rates for short term policies. Discover cheap rate short term car insurance quotes from USA carriers now. Short term insurance serves a number of purposes for both car owners and non owner drivers. Cut the cost of temporary coverage with the cheapest short term car insurance and stay protected with coverage from the best car insurance short term providers.

Short Term Car Insurance

Many carriers in the USA offer short term car insurance in addition to the regular routine policies sold. Short term car insurance for owner and non car owner drivers is a way to acquire insurance protection on a temporary basis.

cheap short term car insurance

Short term car insurance quotes are associated with policies or coverage that can last typically for one day through six months. Regular 'long term' policies are typically sold with premium quotes for six months or one full year coverage. Short term car insurance USA policies are more expensive than regular policies in the USA, a key distinction.

cheap short term car insurance Short term insurance is not designed or intended for use over extended periods; rather short term insurance is there to satisfy temporary coverage needs that can arise for a number of different reasons or scenarios. Short term car insurance can be useful an applicable for both a car owner with an existing regular policy, and a non owner or regular policyholder driving for a temporary period.

Short term car insurance quotes are available from many carriers. What scenarios might be relevant?

Short Term Car Insurance Scenarios

Short Term InsuranceThere are many different scenarios where short term car insurance for a driver/owner can be useful. Some of the more common reasons for seeking short term insurance quotes include:


1. New Owner

You may be about to purchase a car and drive it, but you need short term insurance because you do not have any or sufficient regular insurance in place.

Short term car insurance cover can solve the problem where new owners have no regular long term policy already in place. Existing long term policies will cover a newly purchased car for a temporary period, typically 30 days, but it can be less. In this case you drive home covered, then call your insurer to update your details.

Short term car insurance is useful for purchasers that don't have any prior insurance and need to drive off the lot; however, short term car insurance is also useful for new owners that have inadequate existing insurance.

If you finance your purchase then the lender will require comprehensive and collision. If you do not currently have this, then short term car insurance can allow you to operate safely within the terms of your loan while you shop for the best new quotes. Think about quotes before heading to a dealership.

2. Responsible Borrower

If you plan to borrow a car, for more than a week perhaps or regularly drive one over a period while staying or visiting with a friend for example, then short term car insurance is a responsible option that the owner will thank you for.

Take a weight off the owners mind with your own short term car insurance policy that will cover any liability or damage that may result from your driving. You can also reassure the owner that your short term car insurance will prevent any affects on the owners insurance rates or quotes in future.

3. Prudent Lender

Converse of the above, as a car owner you might be uncomfortable at the prospect of lending out your car without short term car insurance in place that can prevent you from becoming embroiled in an insurance event. You may want to safeguard your own insurance history and good driver rates.

Get the driver borrower to purchase short term car insurance in order to avoid this.

4. Is An Occasional Driver Covered?

A regular policy may not accommodate casual lending with permission in the way that the borrowed car is being used and regular policies are not designed to allow for lending over extended periods. Short term car insurance avoids worry and might be necessary to afford coverage for a borrower.

5. Seasonal / Limited Usage

Short term car insurance is an option for owners that take to the road on a seasonal basis or in a limited way. For example, a collector car that is driven for ten weeks in summer only. Short term car insurance in such cases may be more cost effective than having annual or continuous coverage. A short term insurance policy is popular for recreational vehicles and those used on a limited basis.

6. International Visitors  

Short term insurance for visitors, and visiting overseas students temporarily owning or borrowing a vehicle or renting one.

7. Stored Cars and Cars In Transit

Short term car insurance can apply to vehicles kept in storage that need physical damage protection only. Short term car insurance can also be useful for a car that is being moved from one location to another.

8. Rental Policy Alternative

Short term car insurance can make economic sense for those rental car customers that don't have their own regular policy and don't want to pay for expensive over the counter insurance.

Short term car insurance can also be a calculated decision on the part of regular policyholders that do not wish to run the risk of a claim on their regular policy and equally do not wish to pay for overpriced rental coverage.

Short Term Car Insurance Coverage

Short Term Car Insurance CoverThe coverage available under a short term car insurance policy is essentially the same as a regular policy. Available means that you should have the ability or option to buy short term car insurance protection equivalent to full coverage. In addition to liability insurance for injuries caused and property damaged, there is optional collision and comprehensive to cover physical damage done to the car itself and uninsured motorist cover.

The law only requires that drivers operate with basic liability insurance, but if you are borrowing someone else's car or lending it out then full coverage short term car insurance is sensible. When renting a car make sure that physical damage, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist scenarios are being covered in addition to short term liability insurance.

It is possible to get short term car insurance for anywhere from one day through six months duration typically and to renew it or roll it forward. Because the idea is to accommodate short term temporary needs, the product is relatively expensive, i.e. the effective cost per day is higher than would be under a regular policy.

Short term car insurance is not designed to be used as a substitute for a regular policy. Short term car insurance is also not the best way to get coverage for those with a limited budget looking to make small outlays, and who might otherwise have sought regular monthly car insurance.

Cheap Short Term Car Insurance

When considering temporary coverage, cheap short term car insurance may be found from top carriers listed here in your area. Cheap short term insurance ultimately depends on the carrier chosen. Short term insurance like regular insurance is assessed for pricing according to the driver and policyholder concerned. Insurers set rates that underpin their quotes and although quotes are driver specific, with reference to the car to be driven and more, the original basic rate set is important. In order to get cheap short term car insurance it is necessary to obtain quotes for a number of different carriers. Contrary to popular belief, rates do change such that a cheap short term car insurance provider found today may not afford the best deal in future should you need to purchase short term insurance again. It is recommended to approach carriers directly for quotes and to compare the coverage offered carefully. Mainstream brokers that earn commission are not focused on selling low value policies or serving a temporary need with less scope for client continuity. When you need to find cheap short term car insurance it pays to do some research yourself. You may find carrier listings here from which to obtain direct quotes for short term insurance car coverage now.


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