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Non owner car insurance | find the best rate for private passenger car insurance for vehicles you don’t own. Non owner car insurance is popular amongst drivers who prefer not to own their own car, but frequently rent or borrow a car instead. There are many circumstances where a driver does not wish to own a car and they do not wish to take up expensive insurance from rental car providers.

If you do not own a car, but do in fact drive rental cars fairly often, then cheap non owner car insurance may be an option. For those that often borrow a car from friends or a family member that they do not reside with, non owner car insurance is worth considering. What would happen if an accident occurred whilst you were driving a borrowed vehicle?

non owners car insurance

Although the owners policy should afford coverage for any driver having permission, if an accident occurs and the owners policy has inadequate liability coverage then an injured party could pursue the non owner car driver for unmet damages.

In view of this, a frequent car borrower may desire to acquire a non owner car insurance policy for themselves. It is important to note however that the owner's own insurance policy will be called upon first, with the non owner car driver's policy picking up any unmet portion of a claim.

non owners car insurance Non owner car insurance is primarily designed to provide cover for liability insurance only; that is injury and damage to another driver or their property. It does not typically provide for collision and comprehensive protection.

Accordingly, even with a non owner car policy in place, when you rent a car you will still need to purchase CDW/LDW to shift liability for any collision damage back to the rental car operator, otherwise you will be liable.

Non Owner Insurance 

What are the benefits?

non owner insurance Non owner insurance rates are cheaper than those of a regular policy due to the basic liability only focus of the policy. Cheap non owner car insurance policies can cover any car that the driver wishes to use, including rental and borrowed vehicles for personal use.

Non owner car insurance can be useful as a means to establish an insurance or insured history, and may thus be useful to those that do intend to own and insure their own car in future. Those non owner car drivers who shall be borrowing a car from one owner over a period of less than 6 months might check out car insurance that is known as temporary (see our car insurance questions). You can also check out deals on non owner car insurance here online.

Non Owners Car Insurance

I need non owner insurance; how much does non owners car insurance cost? The rates for non owners car insurance are much less than a standard auto policy, perhaps a few hundred dollars per annum. The exact cost, as in the case of a standard policy will depend on a range of factors including your location, the dollar limit of liability that you purchase, your age, gender, driving history and more. A non owner car insurance quote is unique to you, in the same way as regular insurance quotes are for owners. Gathering a few quotes for non owner car insurance will help to identify a better deal. Many insurers offer non car owner insurance including major carriers like Geico, Sate Farm and Progressive insurance to name but a few. Remember that non owners car insurance is designed to offer you financial protection after the owners insurance has been called upon where relevant and where you rent cars without holding your own personal auto owners policy. Non owner car insurance coverage is not relevant for cars that are driven or borrowed from owners that reside with you at the same address, including a family owner that lives with you. Look for reputable carriers here online that can offer you the best rate when you need non owner car insurance quotes now.


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