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Car insurance rates | find the lowest car insurance rates in your state. We make comparing car insurance easier and bring you as available the best companies rates listed from approved car insurance carriers in your state. Get free quotes and improve your car insurance rate now. In this article we'll demystify car insurance rates and help you understand what dictates car insurance pricing and your rate. There are three broad areas which govern your car insurance rate.

Firstly, at the state level, each state has laws and enactments which impact rates generally. The lowest observed nationwide car insurance rates in general are typically found in states having lower population density, commuting patterns, historical claims statistics, more favorable court/litigation systems and state laws which all impact the aggregate cost of car insurance business.

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Secondly, at the individual company level, car insurance rates are affected by medical costs to treat injuries, car repair rates and cost to adjust claims. Your car insurance rate is also a factor of the insurer's business operation, which impacts their car insurance premiums. Thirdly, let's consider your personal car insurance circumstances and rate the importance of those factors which impact rates.

car insurance rateIt is commonly understood that car insurance rates in practice also depend upon a wide range of personal factors and car insurance premiums are unique to personal circumstance. Ok, but what if your looking for average car insurance rates by state car insurance carriers, and want a basic cost comparison.


What personal factors dictate your ability to get the cheapest possible car insurance rates and, of these, which factors are the most important to impact average car insurance rates by state.

insurance rates carYour individual car insurance rate is dependent on three groups of personal factors: Firstly, state of residence, age, gender, marital status and location. Secondly, rates for car insurance depend on your driving record (accidents, claims, tickets, dui); the type of vehicle affects car insurance rates (new/used, make, cost, horsepower, stolen profile). Credit score can impact your rate and usage (business pleasure and annual mileage).

The third group of personal factors to affect rates for car insurance includes discounts (see our discount rates article). Coverage (lowering and declining) and payment (installment or upfront) round off these personal factors. So, what's the bottom-line? Your car insurance rate is most heavily influenced by the first group of factors (state, age, gender, marital status and location); assuming that you do not have a horrendous car insurance driving record and you do not drive a 500 hp, $100,000 import. 

Free Car Insurance Rates Comparison

Here where available, you may find a free car insurance rates comparison according to your profile and thereafter get the best low quotes. Car insurance rates between companies vary significantly for the broad reasons above. In order to secure the best car insurance rate and take advantage of better car insurance pricing, one must gather several quotes from car insurance providers. It is advisable to select a few car insurance companies listed here and get quotes directly. Remember that opting for the lowest quotes or car insurance rates may mean that you forgo the best customer service and there may be issues regarding the quality of repairs in the event of collision/damage. Once happy with your car insurance rate and having made your purchase, understand that rates change and one company having the lowest rates today may be uncompetitive tomorrow. Examine rates and compare quotes frequently. The latest car insurance rate information may be found here. Once you understand how typical car insurance rates are determined and how you can lower your insurance rate by applying discounts and strategies to save and improve on car insurance rates or quotes, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Cheap rates start here.


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