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Car Insurance Questions

Car insurance questions | Here we consider some frequently asked car insurance questions. Car insurance FAQ research.

1. Insurance for cars. What is car insurance? A form of insurance, which transfers your financial liability given various motor vehicle related events over to an insurance company, in exchange for a premium payment. Insurance for cars is mandatory at a minimum level known as liability insurance.

It is illegal to operate a vehicle without at least a valid liability insurance policy in place. If car insurance questions arise as to what is the minimum amount required, one should check their own state's minimum requirement on liability insurance for cars.

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2. Types of car insurance questions: Simplified summary of the types of car insurance:

a) Mandatory most states: Liability insurance bodily injury: claims from people you've injured.

b) Mandatory most states: Liability insurance property: claims from others for property you've damaged (principally their car)

c) Mandatory some states: Personal Injury Protection (PIP): financial protection for you - if personally injured.

d) Optional some states: Medical payments: Replaces c) above in some states.

e) Optional or mandatory: Uninsured/underinsured motorist: Ensures that you receive all damages legally entitled to if hit by a driver having no or inadequate car insurance.

f) Optional most states: Collision insurance: for your car - if damaged in one.

g) Optional most states: Comprehensive insurance: for most non-collision related damage to your car, notably includes: fire, theft (stolen outright) and attempted theft damage.

h) Optional most states: Towing and Rental: reimbursement for costs due to car inoperability.

3. Car insurance questions about buying car insurance: When you shop for car insurance, whether new driver insurance, new car insurance or used car insurance, what car insurance tips are there for buying car insurance that’s both quality and value. Firstly, shop for car insurance from several companies, especially if you are a new driver. Insurance rates can vary enormously and new car insurance quotes should be sought regularly.

Get cheaper deals and discount insurance here online. Old car insurance tips include, never trust one broker alone to quote you the best rate. Brokers typically quote from a small group of preferred companies which pay the best commission. Used car insurance or old car insurance is not necessarily cheaper than new car insurance, depending on cost to repair and parts availability.

Other frequent car insurance questions about buying car insurance include, what is the cheapest car insurance and where can I find car insurance information to help me save on a new car insurance policy. What is the cheapest car insurance depends upon multiple individual circumstances, however one can find top rates and approved discount insurance providers in your state here online. Car insurance information and tips on how to lower costs can be found elsewhere here.

4. How many points are on my license. Such car insurance information should be obtained from your local DMV as part of accessing your driving record. Some DMV provide a how many points are on my license telephone enquiry service and help with other DMV car insurance questions. If you have points on your license, find cheaper insurance providers here. I need car insurance now and I need car insurance that’s cheap and quality - find car insurance companies who offer discount insurance rates in your state and save on car insurance now.


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