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Car insurance online | available and recommended choices for the pursuit of car insurance online. Quote and best purchase options in your area now. It is good practice to recognize the distinction between an end insurer or carrier and an insurance agency or brokerage whenever you shop for a car insurance online quote.

If you are looking to get car insurance online with the express hope of being able to buy low cost car insurance online, that is, targeting companies that advertise as such, then an understanding of the distinction and the choices available is all the more important. Some companies market themselves as if an insurer, when in fact they are an insurance agency and other car insurance online sites serve to farm out your information with implications which you may not be aware of. Here we explore the website options for receiving a car insurance online quote and reflect on what the best approach may be.

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Car Insurance Online - Website Types

car insurance online quote

1. End Insurers, Carriers or Private Insurance Company websites. Those who underwrite the policy and often set up to allow you to purchase car insurance online direct.

2. Traditional Insurance Agencies or brokerages of car insurance. Online presence for a bricks and mortar high street broker service. These are tied or independent insurance agency/agents; no fee representatives for end insurer products. They may or may not provide a car insurance online quote.

3. Insurance Agency Masquerading online as an end insurer. The purpose of which may or may not be to hide broker fees - in addition to the cost of a policy purchased through them. They may call themselves insurance services. Bona fide agencies or brokers should clearly identify themselves as being such.

4. Dot com insurance agencies or brokerages. Focused on delivering car insurance online quote services they are licensed independent agents in one or multiple states. This is internet era commerce, although you may not receive the online outcome you expect but can talk direct with their licensed agent.

5. Dot com matching services. Sites which collect detailed information via a quote form and pass this to a number of local agents to follow up. They do not provide any quote directly nor do they bind coverage.

6. Other car insurance online quote sites that are neither an insurance agency nor a genuine match or referral service:

a) Sites which suggest you begin typing in information starting with zip code then quickly dump you to a (very) short list of company logo's that the referrer takes a commission from when you click then land on the end insurer's website. Again, not agencies or brokerages, these car insurance online sites could be operated by anyone including one individual licensed insurance agent.

b) Sites which furnish your entered details or contact information to any bidder for the purpose of selling car insurance online sales leads.

#) Potentially sites which exist to gather personally identifiable information through a quote interface for fraudulent purposes including identity theft and which may market as cheap or affordable car insurance online quotes.

For the best source find local carriers and top insurers that can offer car insurance online quotes.   

7. Impartial informational websites, not connected to or with any insurer, agent or broker.

8. Industry consumer review and product and service ratings sites.

Car Insurance Online - Service Issues

insurance online

1. Not all end insurers are set up to offer you a car insurance online quote and must refer you to a traditional insurance agency/agent.

2. Traditional brokers including those offering car insurance online claim that policies arranged by themselves are no more expensive than those same policies which could be procured from the given carrier directly (where this is also possible), noting that their commission is built into the price. This may be true however there are other issues to be aware of when dealing with traditional brokers and dot com car insurance online quote providing agencies (4.):

Since the amount of commission is dependent upon the value or cost of the policy sold, there exists an obvious incentive to sell you a more expensive policy. A second issue relates to the matter of carrier choice.

Some brokers may not be connected to the widest group of potential insurers and even where brokers either traditional or of car insurance online purport to offer great choice, inevitably there exists a small list of companies with which most of the business lies due to the aforementioned.

Allied to this is the problem that when you task a broker to come up with the cheapest policy option, you never know as to how many insurers they have actually tested pricing for, or whether presented quote is in fact the cheapest.

3. If you progress a car insurance online quote with a company which appears like and end insurer but is in fact an agency masquerading, you may get more than you bargained for in the form of fees and charges, separate to the cost of the policy. Never pay any money for the purpose of receiving or procuring a quote.

Do not deal with brokers or agencies or any company which charges a fee of any kind, including rate-lock-in, admin fee or any type of bogus fee. The price of car insurance online or from a high street broker should be the cost of the policy premium only.

4./5./6. Issues 2. above apply to dot com car insurance online quote brokers and where you are referred to brokers.

Furthermore in general

When you submit information via a car insurance online quote form you do not actually receive a quote directly, nor contrary to some expectation do you arrive at a summary page of product and actual prices compared. When you submit information via a car insurance online quote form you may, by virtue of your action, authorize the website owner to distribute your details to multiple insurance companies, agents or affiliates for the purposes of sales follow-ups. As part of the process, your credit score may be accessed and information passed to a wide network of individuals or entities. You may receive unwanted communication and sales calls even if you are on do not call list. Information can include personal identifiable information if you opt-in by virtue of not opting-out. Information may be shared with credit bureaus, finance companies, DMV and others. Although SSN number and payment method (account number) are ultimately required to purchase car insurance online or offline this should only be disclosed to a licensed agent in the later purchase phase.

A do it yourself approach to purchase car insurance online by visiting end insurers websites or a traditional agency plus cross check yourself approach may be the best idea if you want to feel confident that you are getting a competitive deal and safeguarding your privacy. Now that you understand the process better you may look to buy car insurance online with greater confidence. Here you may find a list of approved carriers at your location and visit these companies directly to pursue a cheap car insurance online quote.


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