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Car insurance for new drivers | Discover low cost car insurance for new drivers here online. Perhaps you're a teen motorist just taking to the road or someone who has not previously driven and now needs to get insured. Whatever your circumstance, you'll discover cheap car insurance for new drivers and how to keep premium cost down.

Best Car Insurance For New Drivers
So what is the best car insurance for new drivers? The answer unfortunately is not so simple. Compared to shopping for regular consumer goods, insurance pricing is a little more complicated as to which company has the best deal. Added to this, you need to understand that all insurance is not created equal in terms of both the auto policy product you may buy and the quality issues that surround it.

cheap car insurance for new drivers

The good news about car insurance for new drivers is that you have the opportunity to discover savings on car insurance for new drivers here; something that puts you at an advantage as you enter the insurance market.

cheap car insurance for new drivers   Let's begin with some basics. Some of these facts even seasoned drivers don't understand as they overpay for their insurance:


  • There is no special policy or car insurance for new driver product sold or required. Your age and experience are simply factored into the equation.
  • The cost of insurance is fundamentally linked to your age, gender, marital status and exact location in the state. It is not fundamentally about the car make/model (although this affects cost).
  • The cost of car insurance for new drivers can vary greatly from one insurer to the next and car insurance for new drivers can differ in price by hundreds of dollars or more - for the same product (that's differ in price!).
  • New drivers, like all drivers when they come to get a quote are subject to an insurance rating. This 'rate' is not the same as price; it is a base cost set for a driver of your general profile upon which a quote is calculated to reflect the actual car you drive etc.
  • Cheap car insurance for new drivers requires that this rating is most competitive. Cheap car insurance for new drivers requires shopping quotes from multiple insurers to discover in effect what is the most favorable rating for you personally - in the form of the cheapest quote.
  • New drivers (and especially those under 25 years) pay more to be insured than experienced drivers, because they are deemed 'high risk''. Yet within this situation there still exists great discrepancy in the prices charged by insurers for the coverage product you choose.
  • The cheapest car insurance for new drivers begins with a quote shopping effort. The price of car insurance for new drivers may be lowered further using premium saving techniques in regard to the actual coverage product.
  • So low cost insurance is fundamentally about finding the right choice of insurer for you, and thereafter considering ways that the cost of a premium may be lowered.


New Driver Car Insurance

New Driver Car Insurance So what new driver car insurance coverage should you buy? An insurance policy is made up of separate types of coverage, each of which has its own purpose. Most coverage is bought voluntarily, meaning it is not required by law.

In your state, the law requires certain minimum car insurance for new drivers and experienced drivers alike. Car insurance for new drivers is thus mostly optional coverage purchased for good reason. It is essential to understand what each type of coverage sold does and therefore why you need it.

What The Law Demands V. What You Need

This is a critical distinction to make when it comes to car insurance for new drivers. The coverage required by law in order to drive your car legally is woefully inadequate in terms of what insurance you actually need.

The law is simply concerned that you exercise financial responsibility by holding (de facto) a driver car insurance policy that can pay compensation to anyone you may injure or whose property you may damage as a result of your driving. The law doesn't care about damage to your car, if your car is stolen or if you find yourself penniless after being sued for damages that can wipe you out financially.

So car insurance for new drivers necessitates much more than mandatory insurance:

Car Insurance For New Drivers Coverage Types

1. Liability Insurance Bodily - Mandatory
2. Liability Insurance Property - Mandatory
3. Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments
4. Uninsured Motorist Cover
5. Collision
6. Comprehensive

Each state has different requirements for mandatory insurance and other options. You can find your state car insurance new driver requirement from our page Car Insurance and get free quotes.

Liability insurance coverage is what all states require to be held at a 'minimum limit'. The limit is the dollar limit of the insurer's obligation to you. In other words, it is the maximum amount of money the insurer will payout in the event of your liability to another.

Car Insurance For A New Driver The minimum limits imposed by state law are low - much too low to provide you with proper robust financial protection should you be sued. The best car insurance for new drivers and all drivers involves purchasing raised limits. With car insurance for new drivers it is especially important that the liability limits are raised well above the state minimum. This is because statistically, new drivers especially young drivers can have worse accidents with greater financial consequence.

Collision and comprehensive are the coverage types that fully protect your vehicle. Car insurance for new drivers mostly includes this optional coverage. Typically car insurance for new drivers may do without collision and comprehensive only when the auto to be insured is worth less than about $2,500. At this point it becomes more sensible to avoid the premium cost associated with this cover. Collision and comprehensive is subject to a deductible; an amount you forgo of any claim settlement under this physical damage protection.

Cheapest Insurance For New Drivers

Find state carriers and discover these cheap car insurance new driver tips every motorist should know. The cost of your policy depends on what you buy and which carrier you buy it from. There are no cheapest companies in general. As a new driver you must seek as many quotes as possible to uncover a better rate. Shopping free quotes can easily save you hundreds of dollars compared to making a blind purchase. New drivers car insurance is universally more expensive, like for like, when you compare to quotes an experienced driver receives on the same coverage. Shopping multiple quotes is essential and the primary way to save with car insurance for new drivers. All state carriers offer car insurance new driver policies and there are typically dozens to choose from. The premium charged by any insurer can be lowered by declining unnecessary cover, requesting a high deductible and paying the premium in full. You may qualify for some discounts, but note that low cost insurance is not simply about discounts. Many seasoned drivers don't understand this and renew their policy in view of discounts offered. For real effect, premium saving techniques must be applied to a policy sold by a carrier with an original low cost base rate or rating for your driver profile. Understanding that carrier choice is critical will help you get insured cheaper. Find a list of approved carriers in your area now. For cheap car insurance new drivers start here.


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