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Car Insurance California

Car insurance California | Find better rates for your car coverage now. Getting the best car insurance California has to offer is now easier. Find quality coverage from state providers and learn what the best policies contain.

Car Insurance California

Through car insurance California requires that drivers and owners of automobiles hold a minimum amount of liability car insurance. California has a Compulsory Financial Responsibility Law that necessitates evidencing proof of such responsibility when operating or owning a vehicle. Whilst there are other ways by which to demonstrate your responsibility, holding car insurance California policies is the normal approach to satisfying the law.

best car insurance California

The minimum car insurance California requires in order to meet the legal requirements is Bodily Injury Liability $15,000/$30,000 and Property Damage Liability $5,000.

In the majority of cases drivers will want to purchase car insurance California coverage that exceeds these liability limits together with a range of additional optional car insurance California coverages.

best car insurance California Here we examine the typical coverages contained within a standard car insurance California policy.



Car Insurance California

Mandatory Minimum

Bodily Injury Liability (BIL)
Property Damage Liability (PDL)

Optional Coverages

Un/Underinsured Motorist (UM) BIL
Un/Underinsured Motorist (UM) PDL
Medical Expense (Med Pay)
Rental Cost Reimbursement
Towing and Labor


Bodily Injury Liability Car Insurance California (BIL)

The minimum car insurance California mandates for BIL is $15,000 for personal injury/fatality each person and $30,000 each accident if multiple persons injured (15/30).

This car insurance California coverage is designed to do two things. Firstly, it provides financial compensation to an injured person or persons that you injured in an auto accident. If you were at fault or deemed at fault then by law the injured party may receive compensation awarded by court.

Secondly, car insurance California BIL protects you from the financial consequences of having such a judgment made against you. If you cause an accident that causes injury to another person and you are holding the minimum car insurance California requires for BIL then you will likely find yourself liable for a considerable sum of money, which in some cases may lead to bankruptcy.

In order to protect your assets or wealth you need to ensure that you hold adequate BIL coverage as defined by the limit of liability declared in your car insurance California policy. The average person is typically recommended to carry $100,000/$300,000 as suitable risk.

The state minimum car insurance California requirements for 15/30 should therefore be increased voluntarily to 100/300 for an additional premium. It is important to realize that BIL can take care of expensive legal defense costs in addition to meeting the judgment.

Property Damage Liability Car Insurance California (PDL)

This covers damage that you may cause to property whilst operating a motor vehicle. Property may be for example, another drivers car or it could be a pole owned by a utility company. The car insurance California requires by law is a minimum $5,000 coverage.

Obviously this amount is invariably inadequate to pay for, for example, a badly damaged or written off vehicle and cost of legal representation. The amount of car insurance California agents normally recommend, as a suitable coverage limit is $100,000. Again, this may be purchased as a voluntary uplift to the legal minimum car insurance California mandates.

Un/Underinsured Motorist Car Insurance California (UM)

UM BIL protects you from the financial consequences of a bodily injury caused to yourself by an at fault driver who had no insurance or was underinsured. UM PDL provides financial compensation for damage done to your property caused by a driver uninsured or lacking sufficient coverage. This includes your car, home including fence, wall etc.

In view of the number of uninsured drivers, the typical car insurance California agent recommendation is to hold $100,000/$300,000 limits for this important coverage.

Medical Expense Car Insurance California (Med Pay)

This provides cover for medical expenses that you or any passenger incurs as a result of an injury sustained during operation of a motor vehicle. Med Pay covers reasonable and necessary healthcare expenses regardless of who is at fault in an accident.

The most common car insurance California limit for this coverage is $5,000. Some drivers elect to decline this coverage in the hope that their regular health insurance would stand the full cost of any treatment etc.

Collision Car Insurance California

car insurance CAThis coverage protects you from the financial consequences of damage done to your own vehicle if you caused the damage or were at fault. Collision car insurance California will pay for repairs to your vehicle as necessary or provide reimbursement for a vehicle that is written off or totaled. In the later case, the amount paid is approximately private sale value less your deductible.

This insurance covers collisions with other cars and static objects like concrete barriers etc. If you were not at fault then the other drivers liability insurance should cover your claim.

Comprehensive Car Insurance California

Comprehensive car insurance California covers damages to your car caused by an event other than a collision. These scenarios include for example fire, vandalism, mischief, storm caused or animal damage but most notably your comprehensive car insurance California covers you for theft of your vehicle.

Both comprehensive and collision car insurance California is required under the terms of car loan financing including leasing. Both are subject to a deductible, the most common being $500 for collision and $250 for comp. Increasing your deductibles by choice should help make your car insurance California cheap.

Best Car Insurance California Quotes

In terms of the average robust policy, the best car insurance California coverages and limits are outlined above. Who the best car insurance California provider may be will depend on your focus when buying insurance. Some consumers are focused on quality customer service and track record with regards to the all important claims handling process. The speed and efficiency with which claims are paid and the fairness of these payments is an important consideration for some customers. Other purchasers are focused on finding very low cost car insurance California policies. If you are mostly concerned with cheaper rates then price shopping around for low cost car insurance California quotes is essential. Quotes from each insurer will often vary considerably. Fundamentally, these quotes are based upon the base rates that each insurer sets according to your risk profile and location. Ultimately in order to receive definitive pricing one must obtain quotes or underwritten rates. You may compare car insurance California indicative base rates here as a starting point towards lowering the cost of your policy. Visit companies listed directly in order to find the best current quote.


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